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SBDM--What is It?

What is SBDM and how does it help our school boost student achievement?

Whether you are new to the school or a veteran you have most likely heard the initials SBDM, no this is not some new learning strategy were trying, it is a group of teachers, parents and administrators who work together to improve student achievement at White’ s Tower. The SBDM helps the school develop policies in the following nine areas as required be the Kentucky School Law: Curriculum, assignment of staff time, assignment of students to classes, schedule of the school day and week, use of school space, instructional practices, discipline, extracurricular programs, committee participation, consultation when recommending new teachers, and the use of technology. At each meeting there are a variety of agenda items that are discussed, reviewed, and implemented. There is also an “Open Forum” that allows public comment on any of the above mentioned nine required functions of the SBDM. If you would like to attend these meetings...please feel free to join us. If you would like to give us a comment during the “Open Forum”...please see the following listed procedures as recommended by The Kentucky Association of School Councils and modeled after the Kenton County Board of Education Procedures; please sign-in, write the comment or suggestion you wish to share along with the required function of council that is belongs. During “Open Forum” you will be given the opportunity make your comment or suggestion.
How can I become a member of the White’s Tower SBDM?

Each spring a parent election is conducted by the PTA. To run your child must be a student enrolled for the upcoming school year. You do not have to be a member of the PTA to run nor do you have to have a great wealth of knowledge about education or educational issues, you simply need to be willing to give an hour or so of your time each month to help the school improve the achievement of our students. 

If you have any question about SBDM or would like more information about SBDM please contact the school at 356-9668. 

If you would like more information about school councils you can visit
Together we can help our students be successful and have a great school experience.